Our customer Rewards Program is simple, generous, and straightforward, to give you extra motivation to come back.  Every dollar spent earns a Loyalty Point, which is then redeemable for cash value toward any purchase, at any time.  You can 'cash them in' the next time you stop by, or let them accrue more value with subsequent purchases.  There's no minimum level to reach, no other catches, and the only information we ask for is a name to link to the Rewards account.

   Our introductory rate is set at every point being worth five cents of store credit, so every $20 spent earns you $1 of credit.  This rate may be subject to change as we move forward, but we'll always keep it at a generous level.  And if you don't want another key-tag in your collection, you don't even need to take one: we can grant or redeem points by looking you up by name.