Stonewall was created by a group of people who worked together at another Ithaca wine shop.  Through that shared experience, we all became friends and decided that we'd try to begin our own store, where requests were answered and feedback was heeded, and where customers enjoyed shopping here as much as we like working here.

The store

  Every worthwhile endeavor starts with a concept, hope, and crossed fingers, and we're no exception.  We truly hope to earn your business, loyalty, and friendship.

   It's probably easiest to read our hopes for Stonewall from an excerpt of our business plan's Mission Statement...

   The store's goal is to be a convenient wine & spirits shop that offers a great selection of competitively priced products.  We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff who enjoy working here, and who enjoy interacting with our customers.  We fulfill customer requests, so if there's something you want, just let us know!  And take advantage of our no-hassle Rewards Program!  To learn more about the building, its history, our namesake, and more, please click...

the idea

  the people